World Agroforestry (ICRAF)

Genetic Resources Unit

The Genetic Resources Unit of World Agroforestry (ICRAF) conserves a wide diversity of about 190 species. These are wild, partially domesticated and domesticated trees used in agroforestry systems to supply fruit, timber, medicines and other products.

Many accessions are maintained in field genebanks managed in collaboration with national partners. The field genebanks supply propagating material to local partners in addition to gathering valuable data on the performance of the accessions.

The genebank works closely with research partners to supply agroforestry tree diversity for ICRAF domestication programs and other researchers.

In addition, ICRAF maintains a unique collection of African dryland woody-fodder species.

ICRAF staff carry out basic tests for diseases of quarantine risk. The genebank relies on national partners to monitor plant health in the field genebanks.

Key staff

Leader in Tree Diversity, Domestication and Delivery: Ramni Jamnadass
Acting Head of genebank: Prasad Hendre
Seed scientist: Zakayo Kinyanjui
Genebank Database Officer: Simon Kang’ethe


Multipurpose trees

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