Seed Processing for IITA Genebank

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This manual explains how seeds are processed at the genebank of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
Written by Dominique Dumet and Olaniyi Oyatomi

Contents of the manual

1. Harvest
2. Predrying
3. Threshing and purifying
4. Fumigation
5. Seed cleaning, purifying, and identity check
6. Seed drying
7. Water monitoring during drying
8. Seed sorting for germination and sample water content check
9. Water content determination for storage
10. Germination
11. Seed counting and weighing
12. Packaging
13. Storage
14. Sample sorting for distribution after storage
15. Shipment

The Genebanks

The 11 CGIAR genebanks currently conserve 730,000 of cereals and grain legumes, forage crops, tree species, root and tuber crops, bananas and crop wild relatives.