Import / Export of Cowpea Germplasm

Contributors to this section: IITA, Nigeria (M. Ayodele, L. Kumar).

Cowpea is a crop under the mandate of IITA. It is very important to remember that an International Phytosanitary Certificate is always required for any plant germplasm exchange.

The requirements of countries that request and receive seed from IITA Headquarters located in Nigeria have been collected from the permits granted to IITA for exportation of cowpea experimental seed. It indicates specific requirements and the pathogens and pest that seed should be free of when it is imported to a given country.

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The Genebanks

The 11 CGIAR genebanks currently conserve 730,000 of cereals and grain legumes, forage crops, tree species, root and tuber crops, bananas and crop wild relatives.