Germplasm health testing validation data for sweet potato

Contributors to this section: CIP, Lima, Peru (Carols Chuquillanqui, Segundo Fuentes, Ivan Manrique, Giovanna Muller, Willmer Pérez, Reinhard Simon, David Tay, Liliam Gutarra); CIP, Nairobi, Kenya (Ian Barker); FERA, UK (Derek Tomlinson, Julian Smith, David Galsworthy, James Woodhall).

Sweetpotato germplasm health testing

Protocol for health testing of sweetpotato material has been modified to increase the range of viruses tested and to reduce the risk of any disease escape. The primary diagnostic tool is indexing by Ipomoea setosa. In-vitro diagnosis is carried out by NCM-ELISA for 10 viruses: SPFMV, SPMMV, SPVG, SPLV, SPMSV, SPCFV, C-6, SPCSV, SPCaLV, CMV. Some grafted Ipomoea setosa show symptoms caused by virus infection but they do not react to any of the above antisera. Symptoms observed in I. setosa resemble to those caused by begomoviruses (confirmed by PCR), potyviruses, and caulimoviruses.

During 2006-2010 (August), a total of 2,348 sweetpotato accessions have been virus-tested.

A validation process is being carried out for the methods applied to determine the health status of the material.

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